Readings on Prejudice for Jan. 4th Reading Group

Before doing the reading this week, I would challenge you to find a 3×5 card and write (without looking up anything, just use your own mind) your definition of prejudice. Then, set that definition aside and read this round’s two articles and look at the four paintings. When you’re done reading, re-read your original definition and decide if you want to re-write it. If you do, write that new definition on the back of the card. Bringing the card with you could add to our discussion on January 4th.

Painting of a church scene from the artist Dalyn.

Illustration from the life experiences of artist Dalyn.

The first reading is a blog post from the blog “Pages from my Notebook.” This blog is mostly about explaining in layman’s terms cross-cultural communication between African-American people and those who identify as white. Reading the post comments IS part of the reading. The reading is here: “Black People Are More Racist; Part 1 of Many

Painting titled "The City"

Painting titled "The City"

Leftturn.org provides the source for our second reading. This one is Occupy Movement specific. It’s called “Occupy Opportunities for Collective Liberation – Catalyst Project’s Anti-Racist Organizing Strategy.”

Finally, two more paintings. One more from the series above:

Painting of a basketball game by Dalyn

B-ball, by Dalyn

Finally, an interpretation of a historic photograph:

Greyhound, by Dalyn

Greyhound, by Dalyn