2/28 Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

Location:  104 Hovland Hall, OSU

Time:  6:30 – 7:30

In the last couple of weeks, the reading group has been discussing how the commons seems to be emerging as an important ‘frame’ of reference in our movement.  This next meeting we will be considering a moment in US history when organized labor called a general strike and for a brief time, demonstrated the power and creativity of radical self-organization.  Coupled with this theme, we will address a letter recently published by the Portland Occupier that critically considers the politics of the Occupy movement and where me might be heading.  Thank you to Sean and Amber Lynn for offering up readings this week.  All are welcome.


“Will Occupy Spring Forward or Melt Down?”



1919 Stirke – Brecher

“Self-Help In Hard Times”

Self-Help In Hard Times – Zinn


If you are traveling by car, there is parking directly behind Hovland.  http://oregonstate.edu/campusmap/?zoom=16&type=normal&centerlat=44.5664405984039&centerlng=-123.28127861022949&layers=1,&locations=820,