March 27 Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

Hi All!  This next meeting we will be continuing a discussion begun last week with the addition of a couple more resources for thought.  The first addition is a video produced by Al Jazeera (Fault Lines) focusing on the ‘early’ history of our movement.  As I said in my last post, the video effectively layers the narrative so that we can examine the escalating ‘social control’ tactics taken by police forces (from local governments on up) and the movement’s resiliency when grappling with issues of violence.  The second is a thoughtful piece on stepping outside the “diversity of tactics” debate in order to expand our imaginations toward constructing creative options for direct action.


Readings to be carried over:

“How to Create a Dilemma” by George Lakey

“De-Provincializing Police Violence: on the recent events at UC Davis” by Dylan Rodriguez



History of an Occupation:  The Story of Occupy Wall Street, Told by the People (video)

Paint the Other Cheek


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