GA Minutes for Thursday, April 12

GA Minutes for Thursday, April 12


Report Backs

Oregon Country Fair:  As part of her commitment to the Community Village alternative education efforts at the Oregon Country Fair,  Kris will be highlighting Occupy.  She will look into what space and resources are available to support an Occupy presence in the Village.

MayDay Solidarity Fair and Actions:  Lisa reported on the ongoing planning for the April 29th Solidarity Fair taking place in Central Park from 1-5 pm.  Planning meetings are now on Sundays 3:30-5 PM at Westminster House and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 at 104 Hovland Hall, OSU.  Occupy is part of a coalition of labor and community activists organizing this day of celebration honoring the legacy of labor movement activism, work life, and community solidarity.  Everyone is encouraged to join in the organizing and to bring family, kin, friends to the event.

Arts Group – Arts Group is continuing on projects in preparation for MayDay activities.  Grace has been hosting a screen-printing workshop for all interested.  Screen-printing is a great medium for communicating and culture building and, with some resourceful planning, it can be done on a limited budget.  While our scheduled weekly meeting is on Wednesdays, 5:30 at 100 Hovland Hall, we have been meeting on a much more impromptu way to see projects to completion.  Talk to Grace, Chris, and Lisa to get an update about when and where we are meeting throughout this month.

Direct Action:  DA has been working with SEIU 503 on a Tax Day action.  Those wanting to participate are invited to meet at Sunnyside Up Café (116 NW 3rd) at 4:45 on Tuesday, April 17th.


Radical Listening:  The GA consensed on developing our Radical Listening Project back in February (if memory serves).  Since then, the Arts Group has been working on the fabrication of our giant ear prop and musing on how to create a ‘radical listening space’ to invite the sharing of stories about transformation and change.  Lisa proposed those interested in being a radical listener come together to collectively construct a process.  Our debut will be at the MayDay Fair.  Look for a meeting this next week.

Media Group:  Stephanie has been working with Occupy Oregon on efforts to create a media clearinghouse space that will allow Occupies across the state to share information and networking.  Stephanie proposed we have a Media Group that could take the lead on organizing our media voice so that our messages grow out of a cohesive plan.  The GA agreed a Media Group will help us to organize our media needs and our strategies/tactics for communicating on this multi-medium front.

Monday, April 16 GA Discussion:  The group agreed to focus Monday’s discussion on facilitation.  We will be reviewing the basics of consensus decision-making and group process.  While we are always in need of supporting as many people taking on facilitation tasks as are interested, it is just as important for us to cultivate a collective consciousness that is attentive to group process.  In that sense, we are all, always engaging in facilitating the group.  The more participation we have on Monday, the more fruitful will be our efforts!

“I am fishead” is an internet-based film about psychopathy, empathy, society & corporations.  Anne previously proposed we watch this film as a group and as the GA expressed interest, she is bringing it back to the fore.  In order to watch it collectively, we would need to organize equipment for viewing as well as a time and place.  Might we use a Monday discussion night for this activity?  This proposal is unresolved, so let’s not let it fall through the cracks.  Check out the video online and see what you think.


Occupy Corvallis Reading Group:  Meets every Tuesday, 6:30 at Hovland Hall, OSU.  The reading this week is,  “Participatory Democracy: From the Port Huron Statement to Occupy Wall Street,” by Tom Hayden.  The reading is posted on our ows Corvallis website and on our Occupy Corvallis FB Reading Group and Community pages.

The Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez is hosting a discussion, “Latinos & Occupy,” on Tuesday, April 17 from 5:00-6:30 at OSU, MU 208.  This is a great opportunity to share in the conversation and build connections in our community.  Come one, come all!

Glinn will be at the opening day of the Corvallis Farmers Market and posed an open invitation to all who want to join him in creating an Occupy space.  More to be developed!