Wednesday, Aug. 14th Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

The reading group will be meeting at 6 PM on Wednesday, Aug. 14th, in our regular and accustomed place (Hovland 104, OSU campus). Once again, if for some reason we can’t gain entrance, after we gather, we’ll walk a short distance together to another meeting spot on campus.

Following is a link to this week’s reading, “Chicago Rising! A resurgent protest culture fights back against Rahm Emanuel’s austerity agenda,” authored by Rick Perlstein.  How has Occupy Chicago (alongside and in coalition with many grassroots groups and organizations) remained active, creative, and committed to building transformative relationships in the context of severe austerity measures?  Have a read and consider coming out to join us for some energizing discussion.,0#axzz2bnfAATlk


If you are traveling by car, there is free parking directly behind Hovland.