Wednesday, Aug. 28th Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

Wednesday, Aug. 28th, we will meet in our accustomed room (Hovland 104, OSU campus) at 6 PM. If we don’t have access, we’ll find another place on campus close by. There is parking directly behind Hovland for those who need it.

We agreed to read Judi Bari’s “Revolutionary Ecology” this next time. Here is the URL (though you can find it on other sites also):

That’s our one, agreed upon reading. But for anyone who has the time and inclination, here are two supplemental and directly relevant readings. The first is for those who do not know who Judi Bari is — a tribute to her, written shortly after her death:

Since we often consider questions of social change strategies and “what is to be done?” here is the second supplemental reading, a more recent critical meditation on strategy, partially inspired by Judi’s formation of an IWW/ Earth First local consisting of timber workers and forest activists (and the “Green Bans in Australia, and the “Turtles and Teamsters” alliance) titled “Capital Blight: Alliances Between Workers and Environmentalists,” from the environmental unionism caucus of the IWW:


Have a read and consider coming out to join us for some energizing discussion.


If you are traveling by car, there is free parking directly behind Hovland.