Wednesday, Oct. 9 Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

For a radical democratic change to happen, there must be large popular movements demanding and struggling for this change. But unless ideas of direct and participatory democracy are known and familiar to most people, such movements will not emerge. So a first step, then, is to spread these ideas and make a strong argument for how direct and participatory democracy can be feasible today.  Camilla Hansen, “What would real democracy look like?”


The Reading Group will be meeting Wednesday, Oct. 9th at 6 pm in 104 Hovland Hall (OSU campus).  We will be taking up a piece written by Camilla Hansen, “What would real democracy look like?”  All are welcome to join in our ongoing conversation of social movements, grassroots activism, and the possibilities for social transformation. Hope to see you there!

“What would real democracy look like?”


If you are traveling by car, there is free parking directly behind Hovland.