Wednesday, Dec 4th Occupy Corvallis Reading Group

Occupy Corvallis Reading Group for Dec. 4th
Meeting Time & Place:  6:00 pm, Hovland 104 (OSU campus)

Hi All,

We agreed last week to continue exploring the “Beautiful Trouble” website  At our last meeting we wandered thoughtfully through the section on “Principles”, each choosing principles of organizing/strategy/action to bring to the collective pot.  It was a lively discussion.  This week, we decided to focus on the Case Studies section.  The plan is for each of us to locate a case study or two that draws our attention and to bring those case studies (and relevant principles and theories) to the group conversation.  Attached is the message from last week that details the Beautiful Trouble website.  See you Wednesday!

From our Nov. 20th meeting:

We have been reading far and wide for two years now (our on-going conversations began in November of 2011, at the height of the Occupy movement). Our basic guiding theme has been “What is to be done?” – how do movements grow, what analyses are useful, etc. We’ve explored a range of writings, from outside the U.S. as well as within and at the borders, and there have been enduring themes. Once again we’ll turn to the theme of organizing and action, and the principles that might be useful as we consider these. In that vein, I’d like to propose that our next readings be from this wonderfully rich and imaginative site (which all activists should know about): (“Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for Revolution”)

When you get to this page, scroll down a little past the ads for the book “Beautiful Trouble” (which comes in a cheap pocket-size edition, but all of which you can find on-line at this site). On the right hand side you’ll see the heading “Toolbox,” and under that the themes Tactics, Principles, Theories, Case Studies, and Practitioners.  There’s a lot of experience, imagination, and good ideas throughout. While there’s a lot worthwhile to explore, we should focus on a set of readings for our Wednesday gathering.

So let’s do this, if everyone is cool with it: click on “Principles” within the toolbox. It will take you to 52 links, each associated with a different “principle” of organizing/ strategy/ action. Each link will give you access you to a fuller meditation on a particular principle. Let’s each of us choose to read _three_ out of the 52 for our gathering on Wednesday. Choose whatever three “principles” pique your curiosity and interest. The readings are not long.

If the “Principles’ section does not rock your boat, you can of course also choose a tactic, case study or theory as one of your three readings from “Beautiful Trouble.” Explore the site, and bring us whatever provoked, inspired, or tantalized!

When we meet, we’ll talk about what we discovered. It will be fun to learn from each other this way, and see which three principles each of us investigate. See you Wednesday!