Tuesday, Jan. 14th Occupy General Assembly!


Time & Place:  Tuesday, 6:00 pm, 101 NW 23rd St.


Greetings Folks!


Well, its a new year and time for us to come together and check in, as Occupy Corvallis.  Let’s take up this turn of seasons to imagine where we want to go as Occupy.  Do we want to continue with regular general assemblies? If so, what do we mean by regular?  How do we want to organize our energies?  There are some approaching opportunities to participate in local activist-centered events in the next few weeks.   Do we want to represent?  Looking forward to catching up!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday, Jan. 14th Occupy General Assembly!”

  1. I have another meeting that I have to attend; however, I’d like to throw in my two-bits.

    I love how Occupy Corvallis members have grabbed several important avenues to address our original energy. Kris and Dana have provided important leadership. The May Day Solidarity Fair is bearing fruit. I believe that OC has had a huge impact in town.

    My small piece is the Street Dawgs & Cats Care Fair which is in its second year of biannual fairs. Now that more families are on the streets, we have more houseless people with pets, accordingly we got slammed at our October fair with over 30 pets.

    Wonderful Ann has been with me from the start but I am finding that we need more help. We have our traditional chili and also the free pet supply store to run as well as facilitating the process for the Vet students. We could use a registrar and a float person to handle things as they come up. A set-up crew of people to off load supplies would be wonderful. Donations of used pet supplies such as harnesses, dog clothes, fold-up water bowls, brushes, treats, dog packs, etc. would be most appreciated. If you call me, I will come pick up whatever you have. 740-4439

    Our next one will be this Spring with no date set as yet. I will make a request for volunteers on our FB page when I get a date.

    I think we ought to be involved in all the many events that are already planned in town from 350.org to the Benton County Community rights. Loved our Fourth of July parades. The Left Bank provides us with many opportunities to interact with the community. Would be cool to have some street theater down there. (I’ve got a script for pesticide drift all ready!)

    My health is better so one of my resolutions is to attend more meetings and activities and look forward to seeing you again!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    I feel a resurgence in our town with Kris leading 350,org to new heights and Dana leading in the Community Rights Movement all happening in our town.
    There will be a Call to Action networking session through the Climate Change coalition On Feb 27th and I feel we should position ourselves to be a part of that to provide support and join in actions with these groups.
    I feel that we need to spiff up our own communication network before that meeting. A lot of stuff happens on FB and it seems to be the place to communicate these local happenings. I’d like to get some kind of consensus on how we want to use that page.
    I got into the forum part of our google group but it appears to be not working. We have not used it in a long time.
    What are your thoughts on this?

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