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Readings on Prejudice for Jan. 4th Reading Group

Before doing the reading this week, I would challenge you to find a 3×5 card and write (without looking up anything, just use your own mind) your definition of prejudice. Then, set that definition aside and read this round’s two articles and look at the four paintings. When you’re done reading, re-read your original definition and decide if you want to re-write it. If you do, write that new definition on the back of the card. Bringing the card with you could add to our discussion on January 4th.

Painting of a church scene from the artist Dalyn.

Illustration from the life experiences of artist Dalyn.

The first reading is a blog post from the blog “Pages from my Notebook.” This blog is mostly about explaining in layman’s terms cross-cultural communication between African-American people and those who identify as white. Reading the post comments IS part of the reading. The reading is here: “Black People Are More Racist; Part 1 of Many

Painting titled "The City"

Painting titled "The City" provides the source for our second reading. This one is Occupy Movement specific. It’s called “Occupy Opportunities for Collective Liberation – Catalyst Project’s Anti-Racist Organizing Strategy.”

Finally, two more paintings. One more from the series above:

Painting of a basketball game by Dalyn

B-ball, by Dalyn

Finally, an interpretation of a historic photograph:

Greyhound, by Dalyn

Greyhound, by Dalyn


GA 12/19/11

The Occupy Post Office action was regarded as a success. The authorities asked the DA group to leave but interactions with many of the public were of great value.
Joel: Returned from Long Beach and the NDAA action in Long Beach and returned with report.
A Working Group to carry forward with James on the Victory Garden was approved.
MLK week movies with the Multicultural Center are going forward in January.
Periodically, the Outreach Committee will be scheduling presentations by empathic organizations in the community for our own education as well as establishing contacts.
The next GA will be held at 5:30 PM at the Majestic. There will be no GA the following Monday, the 26th.
A proposal to establish a working group on tenant rights and affordable housing was approved.

GA 12/15/11

Thursday, Dec. 15 GA Notes

Todd facilitator, Steve co-facilitator, Michele note taker


*5:45 agenda, intros


Thursday 12/22 GA at Majestic Theater at 5:30


*5:50 Report Backs-


Rachel: Move To Amend meeting to occupy courts in Eugene if other occupiers are present from Eugene, not much success so far with contacting others; Leah’s committee ready for MTA teach-in at OSU Owen 102 Jan 11, 7pm may need help with fliers.

MTA definition: Move to amend after Citizen’s United movement group coordinating to amend the constitution that money is not speech and corporations are not people–

Dave: Inter-Occupy Dave and Lisa point people, got # for email & pin for 500 people conference call from all over the country. Web site:; being set up to show everything that is happening in occupy week-by-week all over the country. Every monday there is a GA over the phone, two people from each GA encouraged to attend, need to sign up ahead of time. Dave did a small report on occupy ports how the police were “docile”. Dave showed a t-shirt that he is preparing to screen print at home. His ”Bike swarm” bike group occupied streets on the way to the port.

Roy: Outreach pamphlets went out about the post office. Discussed Oregon author’s gathering at Old World Deli wants someone to write something to read out loud on Saturday at ???

Todd: ML King movie week mention. Neds volunteers for garbage pickup. Arranging details of new GA space at the Majestic Theater. Owner suggests way of paying rent on space: needs help handing out fliers, benefit concerts, Flash dramas on the street,

Amberlynn: thank you cards

Megan: talked about the red shirts of Vermont Workers Center Joe reported on Vermont single payer health care presentation.

Chris: Survey monkey: communication issues. Results on website.


Discussion about pros/cans of facebook in Ga tonight. Need more fliers, more colorful advertisement for GAs with screen printing. Comments: not being welcoming to newcomers; catch people up at the beginning of the meeting.


*6:40 Proposals, Ideas, announcements-


Amberlynn: thank you cards– Dunbar, Dan, Randy–Nicole Garret olcc troubles, Eillen Pierce Freeman for legal assistance, petition to Ed (sp?) to not raise his rent, so that he can come to meetings instead of working?

Amnesty International letters Last Monday– 1200 letters signed


Should we have a meeting on 26th?


Leah: post office report- Monday the 19th statewide action at post office on Jefferson & 2nd between 10am and 2pm. Myth busting, petition. Handing out information, supporting post office.


*6:50 Proposals-


Amberlynn: wants to do action and education for public school in February or March.

Joe: talked to Hours exchange about fishbowl discussion about money and how it works, record it, and post it in January; invite professor type people to discuss. Others present suggest February. Majority in favor of “Aspects of Money” fishbowl working group.

James: victory gardens: proposal to bring attention to local food production, control of large corporations over food supply. Conclusion at Direct Action committee was that it is a big enough project for a working group and that small plots more manageable than a big plot. Leah- lots of community gardens already.

Chris- sage garden already exists, perhaps people would volunteer instead.

Rachel- don’t re-invent the wheel, help other organizations. People could submit ideas to forum on website.

Joe: proposes an instructional presentation on using forums. Amberlynn has given online training workshops, would continue and hopefully others will take over.

Steve– Mission statement for occupy on wikipedia

James– using opponents language to occupy a stance

Tom– Wants three or four word slogan on what we want; a mission statement. What is the outcome we want after an action?

Special meeting to organize mission statement, who we are.

Ann’s idea— interview everyone at GA meetings

Sean— wrote article on GA, read it at

Second Sunday in January- nonviolent communication at fellowship

Joe– Eugene got another month to occupy.


7:00 end











National Defense… Defending Us From Who?

Only 7 senators voted “Nay” to the National Defense Authorization Act. Didn’t hear about it? Yeah, unless you have politically active Facebook friends, you may have missed it. Mainstream media was busy reporting on more important matters.

A bit of good news among the bleak, two were our own Senators here in Oregon. I knew many people who called in about this (I called about this!) and this is one of those moments where I dare to say they listened.
But what do we do now? Well, before you are locked up indefinitely, a few things to consider include:


  • A local occupier also made sure to thank our own Senators:

Here’s what I said to Sen. Wyden (Merkley got the same with appropriate edits): Thank you, Senator Wyden, for your courageous NAY vote on the NDAA today. How unfortunate only 5 others than you and Sen. Merkley seem to be patriots and understand how un-American it truly is to allow citizens to be rounded up and detained indefinitely without charges or trial by the military based on accusations.

Thank you again, sir. Wayne Morse would be proud. I am proud that both my senators have backbones.