Have a document that would be helpful for us to download and use (i.e. fliers, etc.)? Upload it with a comment describing it on this page. If things get to full, periodically we’ll go through and curate, moving the most helpful or immediately useful ones to the main content of the page instead of just the comments.

Thanks for contributing!

Use these quarter sheet fliers to keep with you and hand out whenever you’re doing “Occupy Corvallis” outreach.

12 thoughts on “Documents”

  1. Here are some icons I made based on the hands that Amber Lynn drew for the website. They can be used for posters, fliers, etc. The .zip file contains all of the images, plus an editable version in a vector format, so they can be used at a large scale without becoming pixelated.


  2. Here is a set of logos that I designed for people to use on posters, fliers, documents, etc. These are not “official” logos that everyone has to use (they haven’t been presented to the GA yet) but they would help create a more consistent image.
    The .zip file contains the 3 images, plus a black&white version of each and an editable vector file.


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