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Do you want to get an item on the agenda for a GA? Fill out a Get on the Agenda form.What about an idea for a direct action? Fill out a Direct Action proposal form. (Or, tell the Direct Action Committee in person.)

Do you have a skill you would like to teach us? Fill out the Teach Something form.

Do you want to get interviewed for the “Voices of the 99%” project? Fill out the Add My Voice form.

Would you like to contribute an article or post to this blog?

Email the article along with your pen-name to the address below. If you would like to be an ongoing contributor, let us know and the communications committee or GA will decide together to make it so.

Want to see what’s happening in on our Facebook?

Or, you can participate in our email Listserv.

Just want to send an email?

You can contact us at mainstreet [a t] owscorvallis [dot] com or, if you like the gmail route, the address there is contact [dot] occupycorvallis (Sorry for not just posting a super simple to read email address with a link, this is to keep robot spam down.)


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