GA Minutes 11/3/11

GA Minutes for Thursday 11/3/11

Next meeting facilitator: Unknown
•     Co-facilitator: Unknown
•     Note taker: Grace
Report Backs from Committees:
·     Communications:
•     Comm. Committee has drafted a current list of point people involved with projects for Occupy Corvallis. These point people can be contacted for updates and volunteer info about what needs doing and when in communications. An updated list can be obtained at GA or possibly published online.

•    There is a 5:00pm Monday 11/7/11 committee meeting at New Morning Bakery. PLEASE CONTACT Declaration Committee before going as the meeting location may have changed.

Direct Action:
•     The most pressing issue coming up is National Move Your Money Day on 11/5/11. DA Committee is looking for volunteers to continue leafleting and advertising why people should leave these big banks behind.
* There is a Direct Action committee meeting Tuesday, 11/8/11 at Coffee Culture (1195 NW Kings Blvd.) at 5:00.

GA preference: ***proposals should be written out and passed around!
Group Decision from GA: APPROVED
Proposal:  Support Eric and George with closing their bank accounts Nov. 5. Meet at the Fred Meyer on Kings Blvd at 12:00PM to support fellow occupiers as they close down their bank accounts at Chase Freedom inside Fred Meyer. Support group will try to pass out informational fliers and words of encouragement for all other shoppers present so they may understand the benefits of banking more locally.
Group Decision from GA: TABLED for 11/7/11
Proposal:  “To strike at the heart of injustice and corruption and stand up NOW!” Richard will be proposing a multiple picket direct action.
Group Decision from GA: N/A
Proposal: Begin occupying central park 24/7 in Corvallis for greater group visibility and in solidarity with other occupations around the world. Eric has voluntarily recalled this proposal in order to focus on continuing group continuity and using our energy wisely. This proposal is left open for further discussion and action.
Group Decision from GA: TABLED
Proposal: On 11/11/11, the World Day of Action, volunteers Sustain a “Marathon of Direct Action”. This will be accomplished collectively by brainstorming ideas and actions and publishing them for people to sign up for and be a part of. Further approval is pending, with more discussion necessary.
Veterans for Peace
Group Decision from GA: APPROVED
Proposal: Put information on the events page about the upcoming Veterans for Peace March happening in Albany, Oregon and how Occupy Corvallis is supporting it.
Upcoming/Ongoing events to be mentioned:
·         Saturdays 12:00PM Central Park FlashMob Meditation
·         Owen 102 Tuesday 11/8/11 6:00PM Movie showing with Occupy OSU titled “Occupy Chicano Park”
·         Veterans for Peace March 11/11/11 in Albany Oregon

GA Minutes 11/1/11


Next meeting facilitator: Lisa
•       Co-facilitator: Tony
•       Note taker: Dave

Report Backs:

Communications: Livestream works well, more viewers
•       Went to Salem and got into the news media
•       In the barometer
•       Facebook: someone messed with the spam setting and it was
interfering with peoples’ ability to post.
•       Communications committee needs more volunteers
•       Bring proposal that Occupy Corvallis supports Corporations are not
people and money is not language
•       Keep track of 99% declaration
•       Plans to set up process to interview Corvallis residents to see what
they want for The 99% Declaration: called the Listening Project
•       Recap of 99% Declaration
•       Maintain group solidarity, do not separate from the GA
•       Bring in Veterans groups
Direct Action:
•       Meet tomorrow at 6:00 pm Community Center 35th and Orchard
•       70-100 students showed for student walk out
o       Occupy OSU GA 4-6 pm in Snell Hall where student government meets
Meditation Flash Mob
•       Spend an hour to meditate in Central Park Gazebo 12:00 pm Saturday
•       Need more folks to show up if available
Web Page Report
•       Link not public until overall approval:
o       Proposal look at site by Thursday and vote on Thursday
•       Link is on Google list serve

Future reference: ***proposals should be written out and passed around!

Group Decision from GA: TABLED FOR THURSDAY NOV. 3
Proposal:  Begin encampment at central park beginning Nov. 5
Summary: Beginning an Occupy Corvallis encampment with several people
who will stay from Nov. 5 to Nov. 11.  These dates are significant
because Nov 5 is Move Your Money day and Nov 11 is Global action day.
If the campers feel like staying longer/are not disrupted by the
police, then any further activities will be brought to the Occupy
Corvallis group for discussion by the Direct Action Committee.
Whereas the “Occupy” movement is meant to evoke a sense of solidarity
among the 99%, provide examples of direct
***Eric has not looked into talking with city and does not intend to

Group Decision from GA: APPROVED
Proposal:  to protest in front of Bank of America Home Owners Office
(across from fire station), tomorrow, 12 pm

Group Decision from GA: APPROVED
Proposal: To create community through…
•       Kitchen
•       Writer’s workshop
•       A sign up sheet was passed around
•       Purpose: to physically gather people

Group Decision from GA: APPROVED
Proposal: put GA meeting times in the Gazette Times
•       FYI section of paper

Group Decision from GA: APPROVED FOR BOTH
Proposals: 1.) To begin an interview project with Corvallis citizens
asking what they believe should be a part of The 99% Declaration in
relation to the Occupy movements
2.) Can the Declaration Committee decide the domain name for a web
page which will contain these interviews?
o       GA decided: Committee should choose name and GA will just hear back
o       Dana will work on making Occupy Corvallis a Trade Mark to gain
access to the Occupy Corvallis domain name.

GA Minutes 10/27/11

Next Scheduled G.A.: Tues 11/1/11 6:00 – 7:00PM in the Orchard Court
Apartments Community Room
Meet at the gazebo in Central Park at 10:30AM on Sat 10/29/11 to get
into carpool cars and go to Occupy Salem protests. ETA back in
Corvallis 5:00PM.
10/27/11 GA Minutes
Location: 35th and Orchard 6:00 – 7:00 PM in the Orchard Court
Apartments Community Room
Begin GA (general assembly) with briefings from working committees:
Communication Committee:
Glen is continuing work on a weekly informational pamphlet to
increase awareness of the Occupy movement in the general Corvallis
Google Livestream is now operating for Occupy Corvallis. Go to and type in “Occupy Corvallis” to watch our live stream
G.A. meetings.
Dana’s question: How do I properly access the Occupy Corvallis
facebook page?
Eric’s answer: go to facebook and type in “Occupy Corvallis” in
the friends search bar at the top of the page.
99% Declaration committee:
Proposal: Change the name to Declaration Committee
No formal consensus vote happened
The Committee is continuing to monitor the information coming
out of the Occupy Wallstreet camp regarding the Declaration delegation
happening this July 4, 2012 in Philadelphia.
Committee member Roy is working on a project to ask community
members about their own Declarations, ideas, and needs.
Direct Action Committee:
Purpose: this committee will generate, evaluate, and propose to
the GA direct actions to be carried out to benefit social awareness
and 99% equality.
Weekly meetings will be scheduled, a “point person” will be
chosen who can be emailed with direct actions plans or requests to
join the direct action committee.
A google document has been created which can be filled out with
a direct action plan for GA approval.
Consensus agreement: certain direct actions will be “pre-approved” by the GA for anytime-action. Such actions may include feeding the hungry/homeless, holding public awareness signs, legal
sidewalk marching.
Proposal: Can Direct Action Committee help bring about awareness and increased action for the November 4 “MOVE YOUR MONEY” day?
No formal consensus
Proposal: Sustain a direct action every day of the week such as poetry readings in public spaces and peace vigils.
No formal consensus
Finance Committee:
Occupy Portland finance committee has gone off course. Internal conflicts with as well as fiscal accounting.
Committee needs: More finance members to be active and help keep
track of Occupy Corvallis’ fiscal resources.
Committee request: Please keep all receipts for transactions and
purchases related to the functioning of Occupy Corvallis projects.
Suggestion: Typically groups like this have a treasurer.
Proposal: Occupy Corvallis Free School
Develop and sustain community classes taught by volunteers with
skills that they are willing to teach.
Needs: Class room, calendar/schedule
Project Extension: broaden Free School and share through
livestream with other Occupy groups
Proposal: on monday go door to door and pass out fliers; if interested
meet at the MU student walkout at 12:00 noon on Oct. 31


I can’t believe you got these minutes out so fast.  A couple of
things that I think that need to added:  next meeting is Tues 11/1 at
Orchard Court Community Room.  Facilitator will be David.  Back-up will be
Lisa.  Note taker will be Grace.  Also, would it be helpful to list some of
the other Announcements/Reminders?  I didn’t write them all down, but I
think Break-up with your bank event on 11/5, OSU student walkout on 10/31 at
noon, etc  might need to be added?
Thanks!  Great job.

Yes, thank you for the great job on the minutes. Short, to the point and promptly sent out!

I also like putting how many people attended. I counted 22 people mid-way through the meeting. This way we can track attendance on a general basis.

Also, here is the link for the livestream: