Working Groups

Committees and Working Groups

To get involved check the calendar (on right), fill out a proposal form (under “Get in Touch”), come to a General Assembly, or browse the “pre-approved action items.” If you’d like to get further involved, join a committee! Either go directly to a meeting, or find out at a General Assembly who is currently involved in the committee and ask them how you can help.

Finance – meeting Tuesday at Noon, at Market of Choice

Direct Action – plans to meet Tuesdays, 5:00 p.m. at Coffee Culture on Kings.

Free-School/Education Committee – This group of people are collecting contact information of skilled people who will soon be offering free educational workshops on weekends.

Communications Committee – This group has been involved in interviewing members of the community to research what political priorities people have and looking for our common “issues.” This group is also researching and reporting the “Move to Amend” (see below) project.

Communications – More than a committee, this group is autonomous individuals who are doing what they can to spread the word through various sources than a committee. Please help in advertising events in any way that helps get the word out. Not all “point-people” are comfortable having their contact information “out there.”

  • NEEDED: Spanish, Mandarin, or any kind language translation volunteers! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU CAN FILL THIS NEED!!!
  • Echoes of the Occupation” Facebook Page
  • Facebook Events: contact an Admin, or Givin Greentree at givin2change [at the email client owned by google].
  • Gazette Times – Todd is contacting them regarding calendaring
  • Google Calendar – anyone on the listserv may update from their Google account.
  • Google Group (for emails) – anyone on the listserv may invite and approve others to join the group.
  • Hard-Copy brochures and fliers – there are multiple people doing this
  • Livestream – Eric Coker
  • Occupy the Middle” Facebook Page – a page dedicated to reaching out to the political “middle,” as our issues are not about “left” vs. “right” but 99% vs. 1%.
  • Amberlynn at amberlynn [at the email client owned by google]. There are others who may update this page, and if you’d like to help, please let Amberlynn know.
  • Twitter – Givin (see above)
  • Voices of the 99%” Interviews – the Declarations Committee, and Eugene D. LaFontaine.
  • YouTube/Videos – Eye Opening Video

We also support

Move to Amend: this group is not Occupy Corvallis, they have been around a long time. They do have common cause, though, and are working on a specific aim to amend the U.S. constitution to end corporate personhood. They’re next meeting is on Wednesday

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