Direct Action

Meets Tuesdays, at 5:00 p.m. at Coffee Culture on King’s.


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  1. Direct Action Group next meet up is Jan 10 5pm Thursday. We’re getting ready to advertise the Wed. January 11 7-8:00PM in Owen Hall 102 Corporate Personhood Teach-in and the January 20 Occupy the Courts in Eugene and Portland. The GA has also asked that the D.A. Committee plan a Corvallis event for Jan. 20 for those who do not go to Eugene or Portland. This event could include march to the city council building and courthouse.

  2. State Bank Analysis.

    Attention State Bank Working Group.

    Is this is the right route for this info going to folks working on State Bank issues?
    Please advise.

    A Willamette University Economics Class has been assigned the project of State Bank Analysis.

    Data will will likely be presented to an Email list i’m about to set up.

    How do we want to make this data accessible to our Working Group?
    c :

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