Move OUR Money

This ad hoc working group is dedicated to getting the City of Corvallis and Benton County to transfer OUR money to local institutions and out of the Megabanks.

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  1. Dec. 13, 2011 MOM (Chris L and Stephanie H) met at OSU CU with CFO (Bonnie) and Rhonda. Learned that the CUs statewide are meeting and investigating how the 2010 OR law that will allow CUs to receive public funds will work. This law will make CUs on the same playing level in Jan 2013 as local banks are now.
    Tentative plans include meeting also with Citizens Bank and the city manager. Meetings will begin again in January when we will have a full complement of members.

  2. Stephanie, in discussion with my roommate, according to her the City counsel and the Mayor are who we will need to lobby. Although I do see it useful to strike up a discussion with the City Manager (whom my roommate works for basically).

  3. Here is an interesting development on foreclosure actions reported by Occupy Pasadena who have a website for Occupy the Rose Parade:

    Dec. 24th –> OTRP Wells Fargo Summit in January 2012? After an ABC News Report on OTRP’s upcoming Jan 2nd Parade actions, WELLS FARGO’s TOP REGIONAL OFFICIAL, JOHN SOTOODEH (Regional Head of Community Banking), called OTRP volunteers several times during their OTRP Friday Dec. 23rd 1 – 3pn pm Dress Rehearsal while at Pasadena’s Singer Park. WELLS FARGO REQUESTED A FORMAL MEETING TO ADDRESS THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT’S “PRIMARY” CONCERNS WITH RESPECT TO U.S. AND CALIFORNIA MORTGAGE FORECLOSURES. OTRP is arranging a meeting with him within the next two weeks and exploring a possible “Occupy Foreclosure” action in Pasadena for December 31st. Stay tuned to the OTRP website for details.

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